The Dead: James Joyce's most famous short story (Aziloth Books)

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James Joyce

(Free read ebook) The Dead: James Joyce's most famous short story (Aziloth Books)

"I wanted them all, even those I'd already read." Ron Rosenbaum, The New York Observer "Small wonders." Time Out London "[F]irst-rateastutely selected and attractively packagedindisputably great works." Adam Begley, The New York Observer "Ive always been haunted by Bartleby, the proto-slacker. But its the handsomely minimalist cover of the Melville House edition that gets me here, one of many in the small publishers fine 'Art of the Novella' series." The New Yorker "The Art of the Novella series is sort of an anti-Kindle. What these singular, distinctive titles celebrate is book-ness. They're slim enough to be portable but showy enough to be conspicuously consumedtiny little objects that demand to be loved for the commodities they are." KQED (NPR San Francisco) "Some like it short, and if you're one of them, Melville House, an independent publisher based in Brooklyn, has a line of books for you... elegant-looking paperback editions ...a good read in a small package." The Wall Street JournalAbout the Author1882-1941. Born in Dublin, Ireland, into a family of ten children, Joyce showed singular intelligence and a gift for writing from an early age. After leaving University College Dublin with a degree in modern languages, Joyce emigrated to Europe, living in Italy, Zurich and Paris. A string of short stories, including Dubliners, were followed by his first novel, Portrait of an Artist in 1916, and then the controversial but very successful Ulysses in 1922, a work in which he perfected his stream-of-consciousness style and made his name as a great literary figure. Joyce died in Zurich in 1941, two years after the publication of Finnegans Wake, his long-awaited follow up novel which earned him further honours.From AudioFileIt would be difficult to overpraise this wonderful recording from Joyce's Dubliners. Setlock has a beautiful, subtly accented, fluid, flowing voice, a spritely voice, perfect for Joyce's spinsters and his drunks, the priests and little boys, the old politicians. Setlock does a superb job with the dialogue, with the incredible sensuality of Joyce's work, the telling detail, the moments of irretrievable loss. If one could change anything, it might be to slow him down slightly, the more to savour the words, but that would interfere with the flow and energy of Joyce's prose. E.J.M. (c)AudioFile, Portland, Maine what is the best site to sell stuff The Dead: James Joyce's most famous short story (Aziloth Books)

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. PowerfulBy Gregory P. HoadleyWhat an amazing little story.At first, the story is about a man and his wife who go to a party with their friends; in fact, this takes up about 60% of the narrative. But one gets the feeling that the main character is fairly self-assured with his life, and especially his wife.But then, a simple piece of music played toward the end of the party changes everything; I'm not going to say how as I don't want to spoil it for the reader. Suffice to say, it is emotional, gripping, surprising, and a stunning reminder that sometimes, things are not as they appear to be, even with those whom we think we know inside and out.If you wish to get into James Joyce, I can hardly think of a better place to start than here (and it helps that it's free on Kindle!).0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Making classics available at extremely reasonable prices is one of ...By William M.Making classics available at extremely reasonable prices is one of the things does well for consumers and readers, This short novel is not a difficult read, but might not appeal to modern, casual readers. It is a thoughtful, sensitive short novel that will challenge readers who are reflective about life.What's to lose?!1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. poetic, loving, sad, beautifulBy SuzanneThe Dead is a short story taken from James Joyce's The Dubliners (which is one of the best books I've ever read). The Dead is poetic, loving, sad, and beautiful...."why is it that words like these seem to me so dull and cold? Is it because there is no word tender enough to be your name?...our path through life is strewn with many such sad memories, and were we to brood upon them always we could not find the heart to go on bravely with our work among the living... better to pass boldly into that that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age."I pull this book out and reread, savoring each sentence, each time finding more gems like the quotes above. It is pure beauty!

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